Laugh along with me

11 08 2010

I’ll begin my blog with the story of how I earned the name Teacher Girl.  A few years ago I was teaching 2nd grade.  I had a fantastic student in my class.  He was friendly and kind, but when things did not go his way, watch out.  On one of those watch out days, he lost did not win the math game he was playing and he lost it.  When I talked with him in an attempt to calm him down he would only repeat, “I hate Teacher Girls who wear red.” (I just happened to be wearing red that day)  I decided to give him some space to calm down.  As I began walking around the room to visit other student groups he clenched his pencil in his fist and followed closely behind me.  Nervous students warned me that from the looks of things, I was about to be stabbed with a pencil.  I was not worried about being stabbed, I knew there was a kind heart underneath his frustration.  As I made my way to the front of the classroom, he exchanged his pencil for a piece of chalk.  He used that weapon to draw a long white line down the arm of my red sweater.  “See?  I got you now Teacher Girl!”

My grandma loves my stories about my students.  She constantly tells me I need to write a book.  Her suggestion is entered into conversation as much as possible.  Even in a conversation about places to meet men.

“You should write a book!”

“How will that help me meet a husband Grandma?”

“Umm…you’d probably meet him at your book signing!?”

The more I have taught, the more hilarious and amazing stories I collect, but the less I seem to remember them after a few weeks.  So one aim of this blog is to appease my dear grandma and also to have a space to collect all of the fantastic things that happen during school.

Then, a few weeks ago I was on vacation in San Jose having dinner with my cousin and her husband.  I was entertaining them with my latest boy story (the boy in said story happens to be a 70 year old man…but that’s for another blog).  Matt was cracking up and said, “You tell the most hilarious stories!  You need to start a blog!” I kindly reminded him that these hilarious stories are actually my REAL LIFE.  When hilarious things are happening to you on a regular basis, you do have great stories to tell…but you also begin to wonder what the heck is going on.  So another aim of this blog is to keep everyone up to date on the day to day hilariousness that comes my way.  What fun would life be if we couldn’t laugh at it, right?  This way I can keep you all laughing right along with me.




3 responses

25 09 2010
Matt CB

Hey I thought this was supposed to be anonymous! What the hell! You can’t mention me by name!

Just kidding. Anyway, now that you alluded to the 70 year old man story, you have to tell it.


25 09 2010

YES! I heart teacher girls who keep blogs.

30 09 2010


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